Transferring to the new server

Will you transfer everything from my current website?

Yes, we will move everything from your site. All images, posts, comments, database entries, etc will be moved from your old server to the new server. You will need to provide us with your hosting log in information (cpanel) and FTP credentials. We will also need access to your domain name registrar so we can point the domain name to the new servers once the migration is complete.

Is there an extra cost?

There is a $60-75 set up fee for all new accounts. This covers the time & labor cost of migrating a WordPress site from one server to another.


What kind of support can I expect as a client moving forward?

Our team is committed to personalized & speedy support for your web hosting needs. We are available by email, phone, Facebook, Twitter and even in-office in the Dallas area when needed.

We also offer a ton of optional services for your WordPress site for an additional fee:

  •  Wordpress, plugin and theme updates
  • Database optimization
  • Design & Development needs
  • Shopping Cart installs
  • Troubleshooting
  • SSL certification installation
  • And more – just ask!


Does your service also host my email?

Yes, you are more than welcome to set up a personalized email address associated with your URL.  Please take note of the packages and how many emails are included in your desired package.

NOTE: If you are using email as a primary communication tool for your business, we might suggestion hosting your email elsewhere or through a Hosted Exchange.  Please ask for more information about this.

Viral posts, overages & upgrading, oh my!

What happens if I have a viral post? What kind of support and costs are associated with that?

Yay! We love viral posts! For real…that is one of the primary reasons that Servously was born. If you have a viral post, and aren’t sure if your hosting package has the bandwidth to withhold the traffic, I highly recommend emailing or calling me ASAP. I am able to bump up your bandwidth allotment pretty quickly to afford you lots and lots of traffic. At the end of the month, I will take a look at the overages and you will be billed accordingly. We offer 2 options for bandwidth overage billing:

  1. $5 per GB of bandwidth used to a MAX of $250
  2. Bump up to the plan that is appropriate for the bandwidth used during that month.

Technical Stuff

How will I know when to upgrade?

WordPress provides very clear alerts when upgrades to software and plugins are available.  If you are hesitant about doing this updates yourself, we are happy to help with that!

When is downtime usually scheduled?

Web hosting is a complicated, ever-changing beast! There will be times that we need to schedule updates or maintenance to our servers.  We always try to schedules those starting at midnight, CST.  You will be notified of any downtime via our private Facebook group and email.

What is the difference between disk space and bandwidth?

There are two things commonly mentioned as major features of web hosting plans – web disk space and bandwidth. These are the two essential components needed to keep your website running smoothly on the internet.

Disk space is defined as the size allocation for your web hosting plan. Every file and bit of data is stored for you.  This includes:  images, audio-visuals, e-books, PDF’s, graphics, database content, ads, etc.

Bandwidth is defined as the amount of data the server will allow a website to send and receive over the internet in a particular period of time (monthly with Servously). Bandwidth is sometimes referred to as data transfer.

How do I know which plan to choose?

We have provided an idea of how many pageviews that an average site should handle in the chart located in our Hosting Services pricing.  Please take a look at your statistics in Google Analytics to get an idea of your average monthly pageviews.  If you need help figuring out the best plan, we are happy to help!

What if my disk space goes over but my bandwidth is low is there an overage cost, if so, what is it?

Most of our plans have a pretty significant allotment of disk space.  I will typically recommend bumping up to the next plan.  We also offer an additional 5GB of disk space for $50/year.

What are the technical specs of the server that my website will be on?

Your site will be hosted on a dedicated hybrid server. In short, this involves a dedicated server with a maximum number of shared accounts. We screen sites for acceptance and the server’s resources are never maxed out. You get all the benefits of a dedicated server with a price comparable to VPS hosting. Here are a few details that might be important to you (or they might look like a foreign language to you).

You can also find a little more information about our data center & server features here, if you are interested.