Website to be built using self-hosted WordPress software, customized theme & plugins to achieve desired aesthetic & user experience.

Mobile Friendly 

  • Site optimized for viewing on a mobile device

Content Types Supported

  • Support for all popular content types
    • Videos
    • Images
    • PDFs
    • Copy
    • Links


Integration with Google Analytics & Google Search Console Account

  • Ability to track trends, incoming search traffic, referral traffic, audience trends, user flow & behaviors, device usage, campaigns and more


Site Structure


  • Home (include description of program, core values, images & links to team pages)
  • Teams (sub-pages to include coaches & team members with player profiles – approximately 25 profiles)
    • 12’s
    • 14’s
  • Calendar (include dates for tournaments, practice, try-outs)
  • Contact (contact information and form)

Design Considerations 

 Branding and Styling 

  • Redesign IMPACT Volleyball logo using existing colors
  • Website design to mirror existing branding/new logo

Project Costs

Total: $2200

Initial Invoice: $1100

Website Approval/Launch: $1100