Norr Table




Blog to be built using self-hosted WordPress software, customized theme & plugins to achieve desired aesthetic & user experience.

Mobile Friendly 

  • Site optimized for viewing on a mobile device

Content Types Supported

  • Support for all popular content types
    • Videos
    • Images
    • PDFs
    • Copy
    • Links


Integration with Google Analytics & Google Search Console Account

  • Ability to track trends, incoming search traffic, referral traffic, audience trends, user flow & behaviors, device usage, campaigns and more

Site Structure

  • Homepage to feature recent content and the option of categorized content (examples: Sides, Entrees, etc)
  • Internal page design (Recipes, category pages, About, Contact, single posts)
  • Social network integration (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Search functionality
  • Image gallery

Design Considerations 

Branding and Styling 

  • Refer to Norr Table Branding

Project Costs

Invoices will be sent to DASH Brand Manamgent and can be paid via check, credit card or PayPal. Invoices are due at launch of project and prior to website launch.

Total: $1800

Initial Invoice: $900

Website Approval/Launch: $900