The College Student Life



Website to be built using self-hosted WordPress software, customized theme & plugins to achieve desired aesthetic & user experience.

Mobile Friendly 

  • Site optimized for viewing on a mobile device

Content Types Supported

  • Support for all popular content types
    • Videos
    • Images
    • PDFs
    • Copy
    • Links


Integration with Google Analytics & Google Search Console Account

  • Ability to track trends, incoming search traffic, referral traffic, audience trends, user flow & behaviors, device usage, campaigns and more

Site Structure

  • Home (magazine style home page featuring most recent content & categorized content)
  • Student Resources (financial aid, loans, banking info, how to build credit, jobs, etc) – page to be designed as sections with links to resources (internal and external)
  • College Prep (4 sub categories)
  • Parent Resources
  • Dorm Delicious Food (8 sub categories)
  • College Essentials (4 sub categories)
  • Budgeting & Finance (5 sub categories)
  • Greek Life (3 sub categories)
  • Student Care (3 sub categories)
  • Contributors

Site Functionality

Add plugins for functions such as: Contact form, traffic tracking, speed & performance, contributor archives, anti-spam, etc

Design Considerations 

Branding and Styling 

  • Logo Design – 2 logos (one using graphics and another text logo)
  • Website design to reflect branding
  • Magazine style layout


Project Costs

Total: $2600

Initial Invoice: $1300

Website Approval/Launch: $1300